The Challenges with Digital Societies

As societies increasingly become digital, there’s a new set of challenges that are evolving. Empathic Cities aims at addressing these contemporary challenges using empathic design.

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  • Social Isolation
    Social Isolation
  • Reducing Marriage Rates
    Reducing Marriage Rates
  • Decline in Multi-generational households
    Decline in Multi-generational households

How we Solve this Problem

Our approach puts empathic design at the centre, enabling us to develop solutions that are tailored to individual communities and making everyone a stakeholder. With our design thinking process and a Collaborative Platform, we ensure no one is left behind.

  • Empathetic design workshop
    STEP 1

    Empathetic design workshop

    We will identify the particular and most urgent needs of the community, and will guide the conceptualization of AI technology-based solutions to address them.

  • Deployment of a communication platform
    STEP 2

    Deployment of a communication platform

    This platform provides various channels (discussion, proposals submission, voting options, news feed etc.) and modes of access (digital and eventually physical).

  • Development of responses
    STEP 3

    Development of responses

    Provide concrete solutions in a user-driven development framework.

  • Implement response proposals
    STEP 4

    Implement response proposals

    After final approval from community members, implement response proposals.

Our Projects

Magome, Japan

Our first project is for all the citizens of Magome, Japan, who will get an equal opportunity to collectively agree on the long term vision for their homeland. The platform will allow all citizens to come to common grounds and be able to voice their ideas for the future of Magome’s development.

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Our Projects

Our Proposition Demystified

Our Team

  • Naomi Hanakata, Ph.D.
    Naomi Hanakata, Ph.D.
    Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Geography

    Assistant Professor at the College for Design and Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • Aveek De
    Aveek De
    Scale Solutioning, Program Management

    Head of Technology Practice, Catalyst Management Services, India

  • Noyuri Mima, Ph.D.
    Noyuri Mima, Ph.D.
    Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology

    Professor at the School of Systems Information Science, Future University Hakodate, Japan

  • Antoine Pasquali, Ph.D.
    Antoine Pasquali, Ph.D.
    Cognitive Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence

    Chief Technology Officer at Cross Compass Ltd., and Research Advisor at Cross Labs, Japan

  • Olaf Witkowski, Ph.D.
    Olaf Witkowski, Ph.D.
    Machine Learning, Artificial Life

    Director of Research at Cross Labs, and Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, Japan

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