Strong, inter-disciplinary team

Our team’s expertise is multidisciplinary, with strong experience in international projects linking academic bodies, entrepreneurial ventures and governmental authorities.

  • Naomi Hanakata, Ph.D.
    Naomi Hanakata, Ph.D.
    Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Geography

    Assistant Professor at the College for Design and Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • Aveek De
    Aveek De
    Scale Solutioning, Program Management

    Head of Technology Practice, Catalyst Management Services, India

  • Noyuri Mima, Ph.D.
    Noyuri Mima, Ph.D.
    Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology

    Professor at the School of Systems Information Science, Future University Hakodate, Japan

  • Antoine Pasquali, Ph.D.
    Antoine Pasquali, Ph.D.
    Cognitive Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence

    Chief Technology Officer at Cross Compass Ltd., and Research Advisor at Cross Labs, Japan

  • Olaf Witkowski, Ph.D.
    Olaf Witkowski, Ph.D.
    Machine Learning, Artificial Life

    Director of Research at Cross Labs, and Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, Japan

Building Partnerships

Empathic Cities engages with:
  • Different academic and private institutions

    Different academic and private institutions

    that our team members are part of or direct. This level of partners offers an extended field of expertise and a network that will allow us to address specific challenges as the project unfolds.

  • Local institutions

    Local institutions

    which allow to address specific challenges within the city and formulate responses in considerations of local conditions and capacities.

  • External partners

    External partners

    that can provide necessary tools or infrastructures to help deploy the platform and implement subsequent solutions.

Supported by

  • Salzburg
  • Nippon Foundation
    Nippon Foundation